Some Of My Favourite Nail Polishes

I got really into doing nail art a few years ago, while I don’t do nail art as much now (I’m not actually sure when the last time was that I did any proper nail art instead of just paint my nails) but I do still enjoy painting my nails sometimes.

I thought I’d do a swatch style post with one nail polish on each nail as a sort of top 10 nail polishes I like to wear.

nail polish - left hand

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A Tour Of My Room

If you haven’t already guessed by my sudden increase in blog posts on here over the past week, I’ve decided to take part in Blogtober. I didn’t want to say anything until now in case I got to day 3 and stopped, but here we are – day 5 and today I’m totally winging it. The posts on previous days were more planned out but today I’ve done the photos and writing all in the same day.

Generally speaking the furniture in my room is a bit mix and match, it’s not all one sort or anything but that’s how I like it. I’ve had the dark wood furniture for as long as I can remember, the light wood pieces are more recent additions. I have thought about renewing it and going for something more matching but for me I like this and while I still like it I don’t really want to change it. I actually bought all the light wood pieces around the same time from Argos.

room with furniture including bed, desk, cubes and wardrobe

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Places To Go Walking: Stover Country Park

Stover Country Park is one of my most favourite places to go walking, after going there for the first time in 2013, I’ve been back several times since. It’s pretty local too which is great, I really don’t know why we didn’t start going there sooner.

One of the best areas is a walkway which takes you round to where there’s a bird feeder hanging, birds pop in and out to feed there all the time. The squirrels feed on the ground (you can see them climbing the trees around there too) I’ve seen birds there I haven’t seen anywhere else.

several birds on a feeder at Stover Country Park

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Poem – Garden/Rain

As today is National Poetry Day I thought I’d share a piece of poetry I’ve written on here. I wrote this a couple of months ago to send in to BBC Radio Devon after they asked people to send in poems about the garden and rain (it was so cool to hear it read out on air!) since this is now long gone from BBC iPlayer I thought I would share it on here.

pinkish flower

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