Customise Your Phone Case

phone case, stickers and gems

This isn’t the first time I’ve put stickers on a phone case, I did a similar thing last year. This time though I also added a few stick on gems by Papermania (docrafts) the stickers used are from a sticker book from M&S.

customised phone case, stickers and gems

customised phone case, stickers and gems pic 2

I don’t know how long the gems will stay on for, especially when I put my phone in my bag but it has been over 24 hours of using my phone since I put them on the case and they’ve stayed on so far which is great.

I bought the case from eBay, when I got this phone I didn’t want a case totally covering the rose gold up (cos hello, rose gold!) and had intended to buy one of those partially covered decorated cases but ended up going for one of these in the end… and here we still are now!

There’s so many cute stickers to choose from in the book, it was hard to pick which ones to use for this (a doughnut nearly happened but then I ran out of room) there’s a lot of great slogan stickers in the book too.

One thing to note though, when using stickers on a phone case like this, the colour on the stickers can fade over time and may transfer slightly onto the case if it gets wet.

I think the gems just add that little extra something to it.

What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments if you have a go at doing something like this.


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