September Favourites

I thought I’d do a quick September favourites post…

Snax, Heart-Eyes Cat Emoji and a paintbrush

Starting off this post with one of my favourite lip colours from September which has been this one from Next, it’s in the colour ‘Soft Rose’ from one of their Chubby lip sets (this was in a set of 6) it’s much more of an understated colour to what I usually wear but I’m really liking wearing this one at the moment.

Soft Rose Lip Chubby from Next

Something food related (apart from the pasta meal I posted yesterday – A Quick & Easy Pasta Lunch are these Snax from Asda, salt & vinegar flavour, very nice to eat! Oh and also Lemon Drizzle cakes from M&S (I no longer have any left so can’t show a photo) but they are new in and basically look like a doughnut and are so nice.

Now for something slightly more random, a paintbrush. I’ve been painting the stairs/outside windows recently and this one is from a brand called Harris which we got from Homebase. These paintbrushes are brilliant, we got them in a couple of sizes and they do what they say on the brush, the paint/stain washes off so easily and they are great to use.


Next up is TV programmes I’ve been watching in September:

Castle, I recently started watching this from season 1 on Now TV having been watching the later series for a while now.

Doctor Foster, I only recently got into watching this just before series 2 started. Such a gripping show!

I’ve also enjoyed watching Nashville, Divorce and I re-watched a few episodes of Code Black in September too.

A photo – this one is of some Michaelmas Daisies.

Michaelmas Daisies

The Heart-Eyes Cat Emoji is from a McDonald’s Happy Meal (I know, I know… how old am I? Haha) I really wanted the Monkey Emoji too but I missed out on that one.

Heart-Eyes Cat Emoji toy from McDonalds Happy Meal


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