My Go-To Stationery

Since as long as I can remember I have been a fan of stationery, if I’m in a shop it’s often the stationery aisle that I’ll head towards.

pencil case, pens and a rubber

You might have already seen the pencil case on here (which is from Sainsbury’s) in the Accessorising With Rose Gold & Pink post for example but today I’m going to share with you my every day stationery, like every day make up… but with stationery, what I reach for the most and what is in the pencil case on my bedside cabinet.

I’m a definite list maker so I always like to have some pens and a notepad on hand.

The majority of pens in the picture are Staedtler ones, I picked them up in Tesco a couple of months ago. Staedtler has been one of my go to stationery brands for a while now.

I got the mint coloured pen and eraser in a stationery pack from Sainsbury’s, I also have a couple of pencils from that set in one of my pen pots. I’ve not actually used the eraser yet so the plastic’s still on that right now.

How cute are the animal print pens though? They are by the brand Zebra and they are great to use.


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