Talking About Skincare

I like to keep things pretty basic when it comes to my skincare routine. I have actually changed up one or two of the products I use over the past year or so, but the sort of products I use now are still pretty similar.

skincare products

Before applying make-up I like to use the Neutrogena daily scrub, then I’ll wash it off and use some of the Boots Essentials moisturising lotion, this moisturising lotion might be one of the cheapest products on the market but for me it works really well and is brilliant.

To remove make-up at the end of the day I use these Neutrogena pink grapefruit cleansing wipes, I also have some Boots Essentials ones which I recently bought so I’ll be using those sometimes as well from now on. I recently bought the eye make-up remover pads in the same Boots Essentials range as well which I’ve not yet tried.

When I use the cleansing wipes I’ll wash my face with a bit of Neutrogena pink grapefruit face wash after, I always feel my skin is properly clean after doing that. I actually need to get some more of this soon.

But you know what, to be honest most of the time I just prefer washing my face with water rather than using anything else. Maybe I should have a more of a skincare routine but for now what I’m doing seems to work and my skin is feeling better than it has in years so I’m sticking with it.


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