A Mini Homesense Haul

We had to go out towards Wellington yesterday to get our car serviced and I’ve been wanting to go back to Homesense for a while so thought why not combine the two, especially since we don’t have a Homesense near here and our nearest one is in Taunton. It was actually a pretty awesome day yesterday, while we were without a car for a couple of hours we went walking instead and went to another garden centre (as you do!) we often visit there when we’re in the area but I’ve never walked there from the garage before.

homeware kitchenware photo 1

Homeware is one of my favourite things to buy so a shop like this is always going to be my sort of place to shop at.

I love the style of the box, it’s like got brush strokes with bits of gold on it, it’s so lovely and really fits in with the style of my room right now.

inside the box

The inside is a lovely pink colour too.

These wood (bark?) coasters are so cute, they’re made in India and have a to/from tag which would be great for gifting. They also have a sparkly rose gold effect around the edge of them, they’re great.

wood/bark coasters

coasters - second photo

How cool are the feet!

Cadbury mug on coaster

I also picked up this copper peeler as well, we’ve been in need of a new one and I’ve finally got something copper coloured for the kitchen. This one is by the brand Sabatier Professional.


There was a few pieces of furniture that caught my eye as well, I could have easily bought one of their velvety sofas or chairs but right now I really don’t have space for any more chairs in my room but if I had these may well have been on my to-buy list.


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