A Postcard & Some Badges

I first discovered Ellis’s store Pastel Elixir last week. It’s very unusual (like practically unheard of) for me to find a store and order something on the same day, but you know when you find a store and you just love the style of the items in it – well that was me with these.

postcard, badges, sweet, skull confetti

4 badges

These badges are so cute, I’ll probably put these on one of my bags at some point (I got a velvet style bag from Primark a couple of months ago which these would look great on) but since I’m not using that bag right now I’m just going to put these somewhere in my room for the moment.

desk layout

I’ve been looking to fill this frame for a good few months so I’m glad I’ve finally found something to put in it, I think it was the badge I first saw in this design which I really liked but then when I saw the postcard I knew I had to have that instead. It looks brilliant in this frame and it’s perfect for this time of year. This is now sitting on my desk at the moment, whether after the Halloween decorations go away it’ll goes onto my cubes I’m not sure yet. I’ve also put the little skulls in the dish with a cat on for now.

The items arrived very well packaged with cute stickers, skull confetti and an orange sweet along with a handwritten note, which really gave it that extra personal touch. Thanks Ellis! This is definitely somewhere I’d shop at again.


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