Stationery & Homeware Haul

These are some of the things I’ve bought over the past few weeks, as it turns out the things I’ve included in this haul are either homeware or stationery related so if you like homeware and stationery, then you’ve come to the right post.

tumbler of pens, notebook, stickers, watercolour pens

I seem to be really into buying notebooks at the moment but I loved the quote on this one when I saw it, I got this from The Works, I also got these cute wooden stickers from there as well.

part of notebook, wooden stickers, watercolour pencils

I’ve decided I really want to get into doing more paper art soon so I thought I would get these Crawford & Black watercolour pencils from The Works. Then I saw the MozArt watercolour pens on Amazon the other day and thought why not get these too. I already tried them out quickly on a bit of paper and I love the brush tips on the pens, I got them in a set of 20 (they are in the flamingo tumbler in the first photo in this post) other pens usually belong in there but I quickly put these in there for this post. The flamingo tumbler is one I got a while ago from M&S. I can’t wait to try both lots out properly though. Here’s a close up of 6 of the pens…

watercolour pens

copper coloured wire frame

I bought this copper coloured wire frame from New Look, I’ve been looking for something like this to hang next to my desk for a while. I love the little Moon and stars pictures that came with it as well so I decided to keep them on there, it was very fitting for the day I bought it too because just that day I found out I was going to be a Mentor on a second course on FutureLearn, this time related to stars so I thought it was very random to get this on the same day as I’m already Mentor on one about moons. I haven’t added anything else to it yet but I will do soon.

I also bought a couple of Zoella things from her Lifestyle Collection, this is the first time I’ve bought anything of hers. I got this Inspire desk accessory from Superdrug and it looks great on my cubes stood against the marble style box that I got from M&S. It reflects the light nicely as well and I think it really finishes this area off (until the Christmas decorations come out and I change it all round again).

things on top of the cubes including Inspire desk accessory

This jewellery tray which is also from the Zoella Lifestyle Collection is so cool too, I got this one from House of Fraser. I’ve got it on my bedside cabinet at the moment and currently have my Minnie Mouse Tsum Tsum on it (usually sat more on it rather than on the edge of it like it is here but I wanted to show the tray properly in the photo) I’m also keeping my hairbands on it at the moment as well. It’s so cute though and great quality too, it even has little “feet” pads on the bottom of it, oh I so sound like my mum to notice something like that.

things on cabinet including jewellery tray, Minnie Mouse Tsum Tsum


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