Blogmas | Christmas Baubles – Nail Art

I’ve had this idea in my head for a few days now but I wasn’t too sure if it would work out or not so didn’t want to commit it to a blog post idea. I haven’t done a lot of nail art like this recently, the last lot I did was for Halloween which you can find here – Halloween Nails but I wanted to give this one a go.

Christmas baubles nail art

Nail polishes used:

Barry M – Matt White
Rimmel London – Sweet Retreat, Go Wild-er-ness, Breakfast in Bed and Pillow Talk.
Seventeen nail art pens – gold/black

I painted my nails in the white then drew and coloured in the baubles with the other nail polishes, I used the black nail art pen to outline the baubles and the gold one to decorate them/add ties.

Christmas nail art, both hands

Nail art in progress… This did get a bit messy! I had to use a cotton bud dipped in a bit of nail polish remover to clean up the edges when I’d finished.

Christmas nail art in progress

It was a bit tricky trying to repeat the same thing on both hands, but with varying degrees of neatness I’m pretty pleased with how these turned out in the end. I haven’t put a top coat or clear nail polish on these because it was getting too near dinner time/we were going out after and I thought it might get into a bit of a mess if it didn’t dry in time so I left them as they are.

Christmas nail art, both hands - second photo

And that is 7 days worth of Blogmas complete, not a consecutive week of posts or 12 posts as I’d liked to have done but it’s 2 more posts than I’d done a couple of days ago. Merry Christmas!


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