New Wall Art From Dorkface

I’d been looking to get some new art for my walls since autumn last year when I moved my room around and my purple wall suddenly looked very bland and empty, I wasn’t really sure what I wanted but I’ve loved Jemma’s (Dorkface) art for a while now and I finally put an order in to her Etsy shop a few weeks ago.

new wall art from Dorkface on the wall in my room

My chair has moved back over to this side of the room again, it was over the other side during Christmas because the tree wouldn’t fit there without blocking the walkway next to my bed so the chair got put between my bed and desk instead. I’ve also put a spring duvet cover on this afternoon – for me once we get into January I’m all like yay! Spring soon, plus I love this duvet cover anyway.

The order arrived quickly, each item came in sealed plastic so they were well packaged as well. I hadn’t expected Jemma to put them in the post until the New Year what with it being just before Christmas I ordered them but then they arrived between Christmas and New Year which was brilliant. I had planned to give them to my parents to keep for my birthday but couldn’t really wait that long (even though it’s now only a week or so away!) I’m so impatient haha. I absolutely love them though, they are just what I was looking for. The quality is brilliant and I’m so glad I finally got round to placing an order.

3 framed prints on my wall

I went and bought the frames from The Range, the one above my cubes is in a frame I got a while ago though – I swapped it with another print I had there before. I love the fun, colourful vibe of the abstract print, I loved it as soon as I saw it last year but was super indecisive back then with what I actually wanted so waited until last month to order. Ever since I became Mentor on Astronomy courses I seem to notice moon/planet related things more and knew I had to have this Mercury quote print when I saw it. I also love the starry mountain print too, I love the colours of this one. The starry background is amazing.

framed print

I love this quote! I’m all about the follow your heart, do what you love vibe.

wall art on the other wall and room decor on my cubes

This is such a brilliant quote too “strong women”. The other canvas print I’ve had a while, I’m pretty sure I got it from Dunelm and the bird heart, I think that was from Matalan.

Chasing Dreams pencil and marble print notebook

I bought this lovely pencil from Dorkface as well, Chasing Dreams! Pink is one of my favourite colours and as I was putting an order in anyway I thought why not add this to it too. I bought this lovely notebook from The Range when I went to get the frames (I can never resist a cute notebook!) this one comes in a set of 3.

Chasing Dreams pencil and marble print notebook, photo 2

I still might add some other stuff to the walls (fairy lights perhaps?) I’m not sure yet but I’m definitely pleased with how these have turned out.

So if you like colourful, quirky art you should definitely go and check out Jemma’s shop DorkfaceShop or follow her on Twitter @dorkfaceblog.


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