February Resolutions

Resolutions have been a bit hit and miss for me this year, I started off with all the good intentions but then it all fell a bit flat, not because I failed the resolutions I’d started but more because I never made a proper list. Going into February I want to be a bit more organised (The Blog Network Twitter chat really got me thinking about this yesterday evening) so I’ve decided to make a list for this month and perhaps do this month by month instead of one for the rest of the year. I’m using this sheet for some of my resolutions that came with my order from Jemma at Dorkface, it is wipe-able so I can re-use it each month.

resolutions list

The resolutions

* Read more – I said this last year then managed to read *uhm* all of five books. I’m aiming higher than that this year. This month I want to finish reading the brilliant Someday, Someday, Maybe by Lauren Graham.

* Post the first video on my new YouTube channel.

* Go out on more mini adventures.

* Try out some new fonts, I’ve been using the same font for a while (Seriously from ByTheButterfly if you were wondering) I still love this font but would like to add some others into the mix.

* Start off a monthly series of posts on my blog (I’m just not sure what on  yet).

* Remember to actually comment on other people’s blogs, vlogs etc. when I like them.

* Try and post at least one (if not 2) blog posts a week and make a list of ideas for new posts.

* Do more baking!

* Start making more notes in my journal notebook instead of just writing on random bits of paper that end up getting chucked away.

* Write some new poetry and make some new art.

So that’s my resolutions for the month ahead. Do you prefer to do resolutions for the whole year or on a month by month basis like this?


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