Trying Out Products In The Barry M Goody Bag

I bought this Barry M goody bag back towards the end of last year, I haven’t blogged about it until now though because I decided I wanted to use some of the products first and I’ve only just got round to putting this post together.

Barry M makeup goody bag products

First of all I just want to say – how lovely is the makeup bag! I love the lipstick slogan on it.

Barry M makeup bag

The things I was most excited to get (and I was really hoping it would arrive with!) was the two nail art pens. I love doing nail art and these two are definitely going to come in handy to doodle some designs onto my nails.

Barry M makeup goody bag products close-up 1

I’ve already tried out one of the lip glosses from the Pout ‘N’ About Lip Gloss palette (the first one on the left) it’s an absolutely lovely shade, I’m not always very keen on lip glosses but I really like this one – the brush is brilliant too, I just wiped it through with a tissue after I’d used it and the lip gloss came off of the brush easily.

Barry M Pout 'N' About Lip Gloss palette

Barry M makeup goody bag products close-up 2

Now onto nail polishes – so far I’ve tried the Gelly Hi Shine Nail Paint in the shade Sky Blue, it’s such a pretty blue colour. I’ve also tried the Nail Paint from their Aquarium Collection in the shade Mediterranean, I love how the colour changes slightly as you move your nails around.

painted nails using Barry M Nail Paint

Barry M Hide & Chic palette

I’m actually yet to use this palette (Hide & Chic) I’m looking forward to trying it though.

3 photos in 1 - wearing makeup

I love the Gelly Hi Shine Lips crayons too, so far I’ve tried the red one and I’ve worn it a couple of times now (I’m wearing it in the photos above), I love how vibrant it is. I’ve also tried the more berry shade of the Cor Balmy lip balms (Currant Bun) and that’s lovely too.

Did you end up buying this goody bag – if you did, what’s your favourite product in it?


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