5 Things From The Month Of May

It’s been a while since I’ve done a favourites type post on my blog, in fact looking back, September was actually the last time I did one like this, so it really was quite some time ago. This month I am joining in with a 5 things linky (you can find the link to this at the bottom of the post) so in no particular order, here are 5 of my favourite things from May.

flamingo tumbler with make up brushes, Paddington 2 DVD and a make up palette

1. Marks & Spencer Limited Collection Highlight & Glow palette this is such a lovely palette, it comes with a little square brush too which is great. I haven’t used all the shades yet but I’m really into using the highlighter at the moment (the top left one) it has a lovely illuminating effect when I wear it on top of my other make up.

Marks & Spencer Limited Collection Highlight & Glow palette

2. Paddington 2 (2017) I’ve barely watched any films over the past few months but I’m glad I finally got round to watching this. The lovable bear, back for a second film. This film is once again full of a fabulous cast and was wonderful to watch.

3. Trip to Plymouth, if you haven’t seen already, I did a post on that last month which you can find here – Trip To Plymouth & A Primark Haul but of course I was going to mention it in my top 5 things from May as well. It was a great day out, I walked so many steps that day too, over 11k!

4. Flamingo tumbler from Marks & Spencer, this one is from their picnic range and when I saw it in store the other week I was instantly drawn to it (that and a pink ice cream cone shaped sundae glass which I also bought – yay for Dad having a voucher he needed to use up which meant I got these for just a pound!) I’m currently housing some of my make up brushes in this one on my desk. I love the flamingo detailing, it’s so cute.

Flamingo tumbler from M&S

5. Gardening, oh so much gardening! From laying stones to laying bark, I also planted out several new plants in the garden as well. Here is a photo of one of my favourites which is in a plant pot by the back door.

pink flowers

What are your favourite things from May?


4 thoughts on “5 Things From The Month Of May

  1. Laura

    That flamingo tumbler is the cutest thing!! If we didn’t have an overflowing cupboard full of mugs and glasses I’d go and buy myself a few! It’s great to look back at the month and see the positives 😀 #fivethingslinky

    1. Victoria Post author

      I’m supposed to be on a glasses/cups/mugs ban here too. I agree, I also (forgot to mention it in the post) make a list every month of awesome things from the month in my journal too. x


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