Top 5 Things From June

So here we are with another blog post featuring my top 5 things from the previous month, this time from the month of June. Now I don’t know about you guys but the heat has made it virtually impossible to do anything let alone blog over the past few days, I love summer but 31 degrees like it was yesterday has been a bit too hot for me. Once again I’m joining in with the linky from Georgia & Stanley and Rachael if you would like to join in too (it would be great if you did) the button with the link is at the bottom of this post.

Dawlish Beach

I went walking a couple of times at Dawlish and Dawlish Warren, it’s lovely to walk by the sea in the evening (or early morning as we’ve been doing recently as well). This is a photo of a Dawlish Black Swan from Dawlish last month… the picture above is from Dawlish as well.

Dawlish Black Swan on the water at Dawlish

Gardening (again) I finally finished laying all 53 bags of stone in the garden! I feel like it was such an achievement to get all 53 done. How lovely is this fuchsia though? It’s one of my favourite photos from last month in the garden. You can see a few of the stones in this photo as well as at the bottom of this blog post An Outfit & What I’ve Been Up To Recently where I posted a photo a few months ago.

purple and pink fuchsia

Something else I’ve been loving over the past month – white chocolate KitKat Bites, these are so nice.

White chocolate KitKat Bites

There was an absolutely amazing sunset as well, I ended up getting a few photos. I love the pink and purple in this one.

purple and pink sunset with a tree in it

I also filmed and uploaded my first chatty GRWM make up video on YouTube you can check that out here A Make Up GRWM I honestly felt so awkward doing this, talking to a camera isn’t exactly something I’ve ever felt very comfortable doing, and well, hearing myself back after, I’m pretty sure I had a phobia of my own voice but it’s something I’ve really wanted to do for a while now and you know what, I actually really enjoyed it. I want to start vlogging when I’m out and about too and do more chatty videos on there, so please do subscribe to my channel if you’d like to. In fact once I got going with talking on camera that day you couldn’t shut me up on Instagram Stories for a while after either haha.


What did you guys love in June?


10 thoughts on “Top 5 Things From June

  1. Elle

    What a gorgeous sunset. I really love this post as well such a refreshing idea. My highlights for June were seeing Ed Sheeran and doing my first sponsored blog post about a spa. I also discovered Blueberry yoghurts

    1. Victoria Post author

      Followed you (or rather re-followed because I didn’t see I was already following and accidentally clicked unfollow! Oops!) Thanks for your comment. 🙂

  2. Imogen Chloe

    What a lovely post, I love your photos too! Omg I didn’t know that white chocolate kit-kats were even a thing, I’ll have to try them and I’ll be sure to check out your Youtube channel too lovely. x Gained a new follower x


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