Garden Themed Birthday Card Making Tutorial

I thought I’d share with you a birthday card making tutorial this afternoon, this is a card I made for someone yesterday… it’s got a nice spring/summer garden theme to it.

garden themed handmade birthday card

I started off by drawing a diagonal line near the bottom of the card in pencil, after checking I was happy with the placement of it I went over it with the green marker pen and coloured the area in… this is going to be the lawn area for the flowers to stick on to.

I did try gluing one of the flowers onto the card but it just wouldn’t stick with glue stick glue so I decided to try using tiny little pieces of double sided tape instead (this worked, yay!) I then proceeded to stick several more flowers onto the card.

The flower sequins I’ve used here are by the brand The Craft Place, they are ones I got in a packet from The Works earlier this year, you might have seen me mention them in a haul video I did on my YouTube channel (if you haven’t seen that already you can check it out here – The Works Haul – Books, Craft Supplies!)

Crayola marker pens were always a firm favourite of mine when I was younger and they are still brilliant now. I got a pack of 50 SuperTips marker pens on my birthday in January as a bit of a throwback and I’m so glad I did.

I added the ‘Happy Birthday’ gold lettering stickers that are from the brand Anita’s at docrafts (I bought these from Hobbycraft) the windmill design is also from that brand. I added a couple of other stick on designs (I’m not sure which brand these are from, I’ve had them for a while).

garden themed birthday card in progress

After adding the 2 stick on designs on the right I wasn’t too sure what to put on the left but there was enough room to stick this lovely windmill design – of course I was able to use the glue stick for this.

garden themed birthday card and card making supplies

What do you think? Have you made any cards recently?


4 thoughts on “Garden Themed Birthday Card Making Tutorial

  1. Boxnip

    I haven’t got the patience to do something like this any more – yours looks lovely! 😀 I used to make jewellery but once my hands became bad, I couldn’t hold the tools and intricate stuff was just not doable. 🙂

    Sarah 🌺 || Boxnip || Latest Post


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