Autumn: The Garden In The Dark

I’m trying out something a little bit different to my usual ‘(insert season here) in the garden’ blog post today… autumn – in the garden, in the dark! Last month I wanted to take a quick photo in the garden when it was dark and decided to use my selfie light, then I thought why not see what a flower comes out like? And loved the result (if you want to see that one it’s on my Instagram) so when I had to go outside for something this evening as it was getting dark I thought I’d try and get a few more photos with my selfie light – this is the result.

Autumn: the garden in the dark, title image - autumn berries
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Ad | Book Review: The Day We Meet Again by Miranda Dickinson

Disclosure: I downloaded a copy of this book for free from NetGalley in return for writing an honest review.

This is the first ARC I’ve got that’s by an author whose work I already love (two of my most favourite books are I’ll Take New York and Take A Look At Me Now) so I was super excited to be approved to read this on NetGalley.

The Day We Meet Again by Miranda Dickinson book review
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Hashtags To Promote Your Content On Twitter

A few weeks ago I came across a couple of people asking for a list of hashtag ideas to promote their blog posts on Twitter (ones that do get Retweets) and I said I’d write a blog post on it (…3 weeks later, better late than never right?) so here it is, a list of hashtags you can use to promote your content on Twitter (I’m including hashtags to promote both blog posts and YouTube videos in this post).

Hashtags to promote your content on Twitter
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