What’s On My Shelves – 2020

It’s been a couple of years since I last shared a post like this on my blog so obviously a few things have changed on my shelves since then (more books have been added for example) but not only that, my book collection has expanded out of my cubes and is now on various other shelves around my room. I even had to buy a new storage trolley the other week to accommodate new books to stop me from having piles of books around my room.

what's on my shelves 2020
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Under The Hatch, Destination Unknown – AutoCrit Writing Challenge

I’m pretty sure this is the first time I’ve shared any of my actual writing on my blog that isn’t poetry but here we are, today I am going to share with you my entry for the Destination Unknown writing challenge on AutoCrit. The first line and last line were given to us and then we could write whatever we wanted for the rest of it, we just had to write 1000 words (or there about).

Under The Hatch, Destination Unknown AutoCrit writing challenge, title image
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Spring In The Garden Part Two & New Plants

It’s actually National Gardening Week this week (run by the RHS) so what better time to update you with all the plants I’ve been planting in the garden over the past week or so. We actually got a lovely delivery of spring plants from Otter Garden Centre last week (it really made my week finding them online to buy!) it was like a mystery box style selection of plants with bulbs and compost… so here we are, new plants and a part two blog post of spring in the garden this year.

spring in the garden part two & new plants title image
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